Adding a New User to Your Domain Emails

Adding a New User to Your Domain Emails

To add a new user to your domain email, you must have administrative privileges on your domain email account.

Creating the User Account

  1. Once logged in, click the Domain Settings icon (gear with globe in bottom-left hand corner)
  2. In the left hand menu, select Accounts
  3. While in the Users category, select the button below titled New
  4. In the pop-out box, enter the Username of the new account. This will be everything that displays before the @ symbol
  5. Enter in a secure Password, and re-enter the password to confirm
  6. Click Save

Once saved, you will be brought to the account settings page where you may configure the account as necessary.

Setup Email Forwarding

  1. Under the Forwarding section, you can set up emails to forward to another email address by toggling the Enable Automated Forwarding switch on
  2. Enter in the Forwarding Address that should receive emails sent to your new domain address. You can now add additional recipients to receive these messages by simply entering additional addresses in the fields
  3. Select the Forward Method as Normal
  4. Turn the toggle on for Delete Messages when forwarded. This ensures your inbox storage does not increase unnecessarily which can cause issues in receiving mail

Setup User Settings

  1. Under the User area, enter in the appropriate Time Zone
  2. Add in the Reply-To Email Address. This address will be used when the recipient replies to a message that was sent via webmail and is the same as the email address you have just created
  3. Enter the Recovery Email Address that should be used if the user gets locked out of the account

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