Adding Groups or Committees and Adding Members

Adding Groups or Committees and Adding Members

This article will guide you through 
  • How to create a new group (such as a committee) to "My Board Area"
  • Set the privileges for your new group
  • Add members to your new group. 
For this example we will create a Website Committee. 
  • Login and Click on the Welcome drop down menu.
  • Select "My Board Area"

  • After the new Page load, click on "Manage the Board Members"

  • Under the "Manage Groups" tab, select "+Add New Group"

  • In the new window, name your new group, give it a description, and the proper authorization roles. SAVE. (For this example our new committee will only need Webmaster/Site Admin authorization.)

  • Next got to the "Manage Group Positions" tab and click on "+Add New Group Position"
  • Under "Belongs to Group" select your new group from the drop down list
  • Name and Describe your new role for this group. (For this example we will only be adding "Chairperson" and "Member")
  • If you would like the different roles to have different authorizations, select them from the "Authorization Roles" list on the right hand side
  • SAVE!

  • Next got to the "Manage Group Assignments" tab and click "+Add New Group Member"
  • Select your new group and the position you would like the new group member to have
  • Search for your group member in the directory. 
  • SAVE! Repeat for each group member. 

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