Admin Training - Portal Setup & Resident Support

Admin Training - Portal Setup & Resident Support

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward engaging your residents and providing them with greater access to information about their account! The resident Portal is a powerful, but easy-to-understand tool for administrators, board members, and owners that provides residents with immediate access to view and manage their account online. This empowers your residents to answer many common questions without having to call or email the office for help, saving you and your organization valuable time.

The videos below will guide you through setup and show how the portal administration console works. The admin console is where you can add other admin users, customize portal settings to your liking, send resident invitations and even impersonate a resident to see what they would see when they login. 


1) Dashboard
2) Announcements
3) Company Settings
4) Association Settings
5) Document Management
6) Admin Management
7) Board Setup & Management
8) Resident Support & Invitations

The dashboard is the first screen you will see when you login. It provides you with a high-level view of your Portal activity.


The announcements section is where you can create and manage messages for residents to see when they login.


Company Settings
The company settings page allows you to set default settings at a company level for all current and future communities, including payment settings, module settings and notifications.




Association Settings
The settings for individual communities can be defined separately which will override the company settings for just that community. This page is also where you would go to take an association live.

Document Management
The document management area allows an admin to view community documents being synced from the accounting software, and upload documents to be restricted to just board users.

Admin Management
The Manage Admin tab is where you can add other users that will need access to Portal Admin.


Board Setup & Admin
The Board tab is where you can setup a community's board and committees, including assigning members to positions.


Resident Support & Invitations
The Resident Support tab is where you can view resident profiles, impersonate a user, and manage invitations and password resets.


TIP: You can check what your residents will see by impersonating an owner. This will log you into the Portal as that owner and show you their exact experience. It is a best practice to do this before sending the invites out to ensure everything looks the way you want prior to asking your residents to join.


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