How to Confirm a Resident's Registration

How to Confirm a Resident's Registration

When your residents register for the portal, there may be times when a homeowner creates their user account but have not yet confirmed their email address.
If this is the case, they will receive a message that says "The specified user is not allowed to sign in."

For security purposes, ComWeb is unable to manually confirm registration for a homeowner. This policy is in place to protect your residents' private information and prevent unauthorized access to records.
However, if you as an administrator would like to manually confirm the registration, please follow the steps below to do so:
  1. Once logged into, click on Resident Support in the left-hand menu. Then, click the link for Resident Search
  2. Select the correct Association from the drop-down list and locate the correct resident's record
  3. Click on the resident's record to expand more details about them. If they have not confirmed their email address, you will see a link to Confirm Registration. Once you click the link, your resident will be able to access the portal with the login credentials created

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