Creating an Electronic Form and Creating a Form Webpage

Creating an Electronic Form and Creating a Form Webpage

This article will guide you through the creation of an electronic form on your Association website. 

Create a new form:

  1. Log in and click on the Welcome menu. 
  2. Select "Site Admin" from the drop down list
  3. Select "Modules"
  4. Select the subfolder "Forms Mgmt" 
  5. Click on "Forms List"

  6. Click the "+ Add New Form" button
  7. Set the parameters of the new form
    1. Name and Description of the new form will be seen when filling out the form.
    2. Select the Category and Viewable By fields to set who can access this form.
    3. Leave the form "In design" status until the form is complete and ready to use.
    4. Select the sender, such as a no-reply address. This will be the email that sends out the email submissions. If you need to update your senders, click here.
    5. Select the distribution list of who needs to receive submissions. If you need to create a new distribution list, click here.
    6. Enter in the field for Form URL with a unique link. You can enter this yourself or you can click Generate.
    7. Save and Edit form

  8. Select the "Insert Field" button & Select the type of field you would like to use. 
    1. "Enter the Field Prompt" is the question you would like to ask
    2. "Prompt Position" is best left at "Left of Field"
    3. "Populate From" will automatically pull the selected information from the user's profile to fill in the answer if this is checked.  
    4. "Enter Question Description/Help" will show a little window on the form providing a hint if filled in. 
    5. If you require that this question be filled out to finish the form check the "Validation" box
    6. "Multi Value Field" is used when you are supplying options to be selected. Gender for example: "Male; Female" would be written in the box and the "Option Button" field type would be the best choice.' 
      1. Be sure to separate with a semi-colon. 
    7. It is important to pick the correct field type for the question you are asking

  9. Once complete you can move line items up or down to your liking using the side arrows. 
  10. Click the "Done" button, which will bring you back to the "Forms List" Page from step #5

Add a New Form to your Website:

  1. Go to the "Forms List" page from Step #5.
  2. Select your form and Click on the edit pencil. Switch the status to "Open for Submissions." Save.
  3. Go to the "Content Mgmt" tab.
  4. Click on the "Manage Menu" Sub tab.
  5. Click on the "Insert Web Link" tab on the box in the middle of the page
    1. Under "Menu Title" enter in whatever you would like the menu button to get to your new forms page, to say. 
    2. Under "Web Link," delete the http:// and type in "forms/" and type in the same thing you wrote for "Forms URL" in the Form Configuration step
  6. This will have created a new Web Link.
  7. Drag and Drop your new weblink to where you would like it on your menu under "Current Menu Layout"
  8. Save & Publish. You're done!

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