Creating an Event Sign Up List

Creating an Event Sign Up List

This article will guide you through creating an event that allows members to sign up to attend.

Creating the Event

Navigation: Welcome Drop Down Menu > Site Admin > Modules > Calendar
  1. Select the Community Events tab
  2. Click the button for Add New Event
  3. In the General tab enter the event details. Click here if you would like more details on these fields.
  4. In the Signup Options tab, select Yes for Is Signup Required
  5. In the General tab, you will need to configure the following fields:
    1. Leave Event Owner Usercodes as is
    2. Select the Start Time and End Time that you will allow users to sign up for the event
    3. Enter in the Maximum Attendees and Maximum Children if applicable
    4. Enter in the Cost for Adults and Cost for Children if applicable. **Please note, the system is unable to take payments for events, this is for display purposes only
    5. If you would like to display a list of who is registered for the event, select Yes for Show Registration List

  6. In the Notification tab, you will need to configure the following fields:
    1. Select the sender you would like to use to Send Emails From. Click here if you need to learn how to Manage the Email Senders on your site
    2. Enter in any email address(es) which should receive an Email Notification upon User Registration. Separate multiple emails with a ;
    3. Select who needs to receive notification such as Only Event Admin, Only Registrant, or Both
    4. Enter in the Response Content that should be included in the email notification.
    5. Click Update

Configuring the Signup Fields

Once your event has been created, you can navigate to the list of community events. You will see that there is now a flag on the event that states Sign Up Required.
If you hover over the event, you will also see the number of people signed up for the event, an option to send a reminder email, and the available fields.

  1. Locate the event, and select the Fields button
  2. In the list of entries, you may edit any necessary fields by clicking the Edit Pencil to the right of a field
  3. You may change the name of the field by entering in the desired text in the Prompt area
  4. Choose if the field is required in order to submit the registration
  5. Select the type of field in the Control Type drop down. You may select Text Box, Drop Down List, Option Button List, Check Box, or Date
  6. If you would like to hide or display a field, you may do so by selecting yes or no in the Is Displayed section
  7. Enter in a Default Value if you would like to have a default choice
  8. You may set the Width of the field
  9. If using Drop Down List or Option Button List, enter in the Selection Value options separated with a ;
  10. Click Update

Creating the Event Signup Page

Now that the sign-up portion of the event is configured, let's create a page where the signup form will exist.

Navigation > Welcome Drop Down > Page List > Add New Page 
  1. Under General Settings, enter in the Page Title and Menu Item Label. You may also configure any additional fields desired
  2. Select the Assign Page Modules tab
  3. In Position 2, select Event Signup [Modern] 
  4. Select the correct Event Signup Parameter
  5. Click Publish Page

The final step is to link your new signup page to the event! 
  1. When you are still on the event signup page, copy the URL of the page
  2. Open the Welcome Drop Down and click Site Admin
  3. Select Modules and then Calendar
  4. In the Community Events tab, click the edit pencil for the event
  5. Click on the Advanced Settings tab
  6. Paste the URL into the Registration Link box
  7. Click Update

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