Creating Document Libraries and Uploading Documents

Creating Document Libraries and Uploading Documents

This article will cover how to create a new document library, upload documents, and remove or rename a document

You must be logged in with an administrative account in order to perform these actions.

Creating a New Document Folder

  1. Click on the Welcome Drop Down Menu
  2. Click on Document Admin from the drop down menu

  3. Click the +Add New Document Library button. This will open the document Library Configuration Page. 

  4. Type in the Document Library Name and Description
  5. Select the Category and Viewable By permissions. 
    1. ***General Content & Public/Everyone will make the document library viewable by anyone who visits your site.
    2. ***Member Related & Registered Users Only will make the Document Library viewable only by members who are actively logged into the website
    3. ***Board Related & Category Members will make the Document Library viewable by Members assigned Board Privileges only.
  6. You can select a Display End Date if you would like this to be a temporary Document Library
  7. You can type in a Library URL ending if you would like to be able to link the Document library as a whole into the menu bar or a hyperlink, although this is unnecessary
  8. Click the +Add/View Document Button to access the library contents. 

Adding Documents and Subfolders to a Document Folder

If you just created a new folder using the steps above, you can jump to step 5
If you are adding or removing documents to an existing folder, please follow the steps below.
  1. Click on the Welcome Drop Down Menu
  2. Click on Document Admin from the drop down menu

  3. Locate the top-level folder you would like to add documents to, and click the edit pencil to the right
  4. Click the Add/View Documents button at the bottom of the configuration page
  5. To add a document to the main folder, click Add Multiple Documents 
  6. Select the appropriate files from your local machine
  7. Save Files to Library
  8. To add documents to a sub-folder, select the sub-folder from the left-hand menu, and then follow steps 5-7
  9. To add a new sub-folder, click the Add New Section button
  10. Right-click on the new folder and click Rename
  11. Enter in the new name, and hit Enter on your keyboard. You can then drag your sub-folder to wherever you'd like in the left-hand menu

Deleting Documents and Updating Document Names

  1. To delete a document, locate the document in the correct folder or sub-folder
  2. Click the Trash icon to the right of the document
  3. Click OK in the pop-up confirmation window
  1. To update a document's display name, locate the document in the correct folder or sub-folder
  2. Click the Edit Pencil to the right of the document
  3. Update the name in the Short Description text field
  4. Click Save

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