Domain Transfer from AtHomeNet

Domain Transfer from AtHomeNet

Domain Transfer from AtHomeNet

Purpose & Scope
Transferring a domain from AtHomeNet to COMWeb

In order to unlock a domain and allow COMWeb to initiate a transfer AtHomeNet requires their customers to complete a request form which can be found here:


The site administrator or community manager will be asked for verification of the request. When they have verified the request they will send a email containing an authorization code which must be forwarded to ComWeb at:


Additional Comments

Here is a timeline of what you can expect. These requests will take up to ten days to complete:

Day 1: Complete Form - AtHome will reply with a confirmation email which you must affirm this request.

Day 2: AtHome will send a 'Unlock' notification. It contains an authorization code. Please forward to 

            It is imperative that you watch for this email. It will have the AHN support Ticket Number in the Subject line.
            We MUST have this code to proceed.

Day 3-5: When we have received the Authorization code we initiate the transfer. You will receive a notice from our Registrar account:

Day 5-10: We must wait for at least 10 days from the date the transfer was entered.


Be sure to cancel your website or you will continue to be billed. After you have discussed the completion date of your new site with your ComWeb Customer Support Representative, use this form and enter that date as your cancellation date. Note: AHN requires 30 day notice of cancellation.



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