How to Add an Occupant, Renter, or Tenant to my account to access the website

How to Add an Occupant, Renter, or Tenant to my account to access the website

How to Add an Occupant, Renter, or Tenant to my Account to Access the Website

In ComWeb websites, Landlord's are able to manage accounts for their renters. There is a specific way that this must be done to give a renter the proper level of access and restrictions. If an occupant's account is set up properly they will be able to access all of the Member Only pages on your community website and receive association email communication without being able to see the homeowners sensitive accounting, compliance, or maintenance information. 

To add a tenant to your account you must first be logged in as a resident. Once you are logged in you will be re-directed to the Member Home page. Here you will see your profile details towards the top-right of the page. 
  1. Click the link that says My Resident Area. 
  2. Then click on Resident/Homeowner Profile. 
  3. You will see a the Occupants Tab, and a field that says Occupied By: with Change Button. Click either of these. They will bring you to the same place
  4. Click the + Add New Occupant Button
  5. Fill in the information and Save Changes
  6. Go to the Personal/Web Info Tab within your tenants new member profile. 
  7. Click the Send Create Account Invite Email Button. This will send them an automated email with unique links to register for the site and create their login credentials. 

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