How to Configure Pool Signups for Your Community

How to Configure Pool Signups for Your Community

We've heard from many of our customers about the challenges they face trying to navigate opening up amenities while trying to follow social distancing guidelines. ComWeb is excited to introduce a new feature designed to help solve some of these problems, particularly those relating to limiting pool capacity. This feature can be adapted to other amenities as well, such as fitness centers!

Create Initial Time Slots

  1. When logged in as an administrator, select Site Admin from the Welcome Drop Down
  2. Select Modules in the top row of tabs, and then select Calendar. Within the Calendar module, select the Community Events tab
  3. Click the Add New Event button
  4. Under the General tab:
    1. Fill out the Name of the event, and select the Category.  
      Optional: If you would like to add content to the description, you may do so
    2. In the Event Time area, set the Start Time as the first day you would like signups to begin and the opening time of that slot.
    3. In the End Time field set the date as the same date, and select the ending time of that slot.
    4. Select the Location - this will automatically change the calendar
  5. Under the Advanced Settings tab:
    1. Do NOT set the recurrence here - this will cause the pool signup to not function correctly
    2. If you would like the event to show on the member homepage under Upcoming Events, select Yes for Is Public Event
    3. You do not need to set a registration link when using this method
  6. Under the SIgnup Options tab:
    1. Select Yes for Is Signup Required
    2. Under the General tab, you will only need to set the Max Attendees Per SIgnup (this restricts how many spots a single resident can reserve) and the Max Attendees (this limits the total number of attendees who may sign up)
    3. Under the Notification tab, you may configure who receives an email when a resident signs up. If you do not want an email notification, please skip to step 7:
      1. Select an address for Send Emails From (Click here to add or update addresses)
      2. Enter the email address of the event admin who should receive a notification in the Notify on User Registration field (optional if sending only to registrant)
      3. Select if the registrant, the event admin, or both should receive an Email on Registration
      4. Enter in any additional content you'd like in the email in the Response Content area

  7. Click Insert
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for each time slot or you may use the Duplicate feature on the system to copy your existing time slot and then edit it

Set the Signup Slot to Recur 

  1. Make sure that your signup slot is completely correct. Any errors that exist in your original signup slot will be copied over many times in this next section
  2. Locate the time slot you'd like to have recurring and hover over it. Click on the Green Recurring Icon
  3. Change the Allow Signup From to the day after your original sign up slot. This will prevent duplicate events on the first day
  4. Leave the Event Time as-is
  5. Check the box for Recurrence and set the options that work for your community. Please note that the system will not generate events for more than 3 months in the future
  6. Click Generate. The system will make a copy of the signup slot based on your recurrence settings
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each time slot you have created

How Can Residents Signup?

Residents can sign up for the event from multiple areas. If it is a public event, they can locate the desired timeslot and click on the link in the Upcoming Events section. The residents can also click on the events directly on a calendar.

They will click on the event and in the pop-up, select the number of attendees and click SIgnup


How Can I See the List of Attendees?

  1. To see the list of attendees, locate the event on the back of the site (Modules > Calendar > Community Events)
  2. Hover over the event to see the icon of the Person with a number indicating how many attendees have registered. Click the icon
  3. A pop-up will open showing the name and email address of who has registered as well as the number of attendees
  4. You may export this list by using one of the export icons on top

How Can I Communicate if Someone Gets Sick?

If one of your residents becomes sick, ComWeb offers a quick way to alert others who may have been exposed.
  1. Locate the time slot that the sick resident attended, and hover over the event
  2. Click the Send Reminder button
  3. Set the Email From address and the Email To field
  4. Enter a Subject for your email
  5. Write your message in the Content area
  6. Click Send to email your message out to the residents who registered

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