How to Create a Reservation on the New Facility Reservation Calendar

How to Create a Reservation on the New Facility Reservation Calendar

This article will show admins how to add a reservation on the New Facility Reservation Calendar.  In the new Facility Reservation System, there are two types of blocks:
  1. Reservations: for resident and admin use; these are primarily for resident reservations which default to private
  2. Community Events: important events for the community such as board meetings; only admins can add a Community Event to the calendar 

Association’s Website >  Login >  Welcome Menu >  Site Admin >  Modules >  Calendar 

How to add a Reservation as an Admin 
  1. Click Add New Reservation 

  2. Select the Appropriate Calendar/Facility from the Resource drop-down 
  3. Select the appropriate Status , for new reservations submitted by admins, you will only need the first options.
    • Pending Approval – requires approval by an admin
    • Pending Payment – requires reservation fees and deposits from the resident
    • Confirmed – a reservation approved by an admin
    • Completed – past reservations
    • Refund Pending – completed reservations; the resident is waiting for their refund
    • Cancelled – cancelled reservations
    • Rejected – rejected reservations
  4. Add both the Start Time and End Time
  5. Add the reserving resident's Full Name , Telephone , and Email Address
  6. Select the appropriate option from the Purpose drop-down
  7. Add any applicable comments and click Insert

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