How to Create an Unsynced Staff/Member Record

How to Create an Unsynced Staff/Member Record

Open the Membership Directory      

  1. Select the Welcome Drop-Down Menu.
  2. Click on "Membership.

  3. On the second row of tabs, click on "Manage Members".
  4. Click on "Add New Member".

  5. Enter the Required Contact Information: 
    1. Name
    2. Name on Mailing Label
    3. Email Address(es)
      1. Check the boxes for Primary (allows member to receive emails) and Private (hides from member directory)
    4. Phone Number (optional)
      1. Check the boxes for Primary (allows member to receive emails) and Private (hides from member directory)

  6.  Switch to Address Information Tab
    1. Enter in Residential Address
      1. Check the box for Private if you would like this information to not display in the member directory
  7. Click Save Changes

Send Member an Invitation

  1. Switch to the Personal/Web Info Tab.
  2. Click the "Send Create Account Invite Email" Button
Note: If you do not see the option for Send Create Account Invite Email, make sure that you have saved an email to the profile. This step must be completed in order to send the invitation email to the user.

Edit User Permissions

If a staff member or resident should have administrative privileges:
  1. Switch to the Personal/Web Info Tab
  2. Click on "Edit User Roles"

  3. Select the appropriate permissions in the "Roles" box.
  4. Click "Save Settings"

  5. If this is a staff member, switch to the Membership Tab.
  6. Check the box for "Remove from Directory".
  7. Click "Save Changes".

Note: Full administrative access only requires the "Association Manager" and "Webmaster/Site Admin" roles. In order to assign these roles, you must have them yourself.

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