How to enable and configure registration codes?

How to enable and configure registration codes?

Enabling registration codes provides an extra layer of security to the registration process. When the registration codes feature is enabled, residents using account numbers to verify their account will also need to enter a registration code.

Enabling this feature is a two part process, first completed in your TOPS application and then enabled on the ComWeb Portal. Once those steps are completed you can provide your residents the registration code by going to the Administrator Menu, Resident Support, selecting an association, and clicking on the resident will display the registration code

Part One - Creating flex fields in TOPS 

From your TOPS application create two flex fields (custom fields) called PortalRegCode and PortalRegDate.
-TOPS IQ/Pro users: See attached PDF. 

Part Two - Enable the feature on the ComWeb Portal 

To enable the feature for existing associations follow the steps below. To enable for all future associations you add to the Portal, go to the Administrator menu, Company Settings, check the box for Require Registration Codes, and Save Site Settings
  1. From the Administrator menu 
  2. Click on Association Settings 
  3. Click on the Edit button for the association
  4. Check the box for Require Registration Codes
  5. Click on the Save Site Settings button 
  6. Click on the Generate Registration Codes button

  • If the Registration Code value shows as "N/A" then it has not been generated.
  • If you see the error "Your accounting system does not have the proper information setup to support registration codes.  Contact your administrator for more assistance." then the flex field has not been added. 
  • TOPS IQ/Pro customers: The registration codes once generated will take one day before they are synced in your TOPS application. 


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