How To: Enable Google Analytics Tracking on your Website

How To: Enable Google Analytics Tracking on your Website

One of the best tools for tracking your website and your residents activities is provided for free from Google: Google Analytics.

There are two steps to this process:
  1. Create a Google Analytics Account securing a unique Google Analytics ID
    1. View this article on Google to learn how to create your own analytics account
      Get started with Analytics
      (Just secure your Tracking Code in this step. Don't worry about the rest of the instructions. No Coding is necessary!) 

  2. Place the Tracking Code in the ComWeb Site Configuration. (See Below)
Once your site has the Tracking Code, it will insert a script on every page and report all web activity on that page back to Google Analytics.
There are a wealth of reports you can get from Google Analytics but the default dashboard will give you a great insight into how well your site is being used.
If you want to learn more about increasing your Site Traffic, Please read our Article in the Support center under the FAQ section: How To: Increase Site Traffic

Placing the Tracking Code in your ComWeb Site

You must have Website Admin privileges to perform this operation. Otherwise, send the Tracking code to your Site Admin and refer them to this article.
  1. You must be logged in with Website Admin privledges

  2. Navigate to the Site Admin page

  3. Select the Site Configuration Tab

  4. Select the Site Settings Tab.

  5. Place the Tracking code in the field labeled Google Analytics ID.
    (Note: If there is a Tracking Code in this field, someone has already done this.)

  6. Save your Work!

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