How to Link/Un-link Additional Units to Your Account

How to Link/Un-link Additional Units to Your Account

This article will show you how to link additional units/properties to one user account on ComWeb portals. These properties do not need to be located within the same community to be linked, they just need to be using the ComWeb portals. This article will also show you how to unlink units.   


**PLEASE NOTE: ComWeb Technical Support is not authorized to share account numbers. Residents must get their account numbers from their Association Manager or Property Management Company. > Link Additional Units 
  1. Click Link Additional Units 

  1. Click in the box and follow the prompt to Start Typing your Neighborhood/Condo Association name: 

  1. Click to find you address by Street address or by Unit number 

  1. Enter the Unit Account Number in the comment box labeled Account Number 

  1. Click Link this unit 

  2.  Click Change Unit to access additional units then click on the desired unit > Link Additional Units

  1. Click Link Additional Units
  2. Click the Unlink button next to the appropriate unit
  3. Click Yes to proceed with unlinking a unit

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