How to Manage the Document Library as a Board Member

How to Manage the Document Library as a Board Member

As a Board Member you have the ability to create new folders with the option to select whether it is visible by board members, residents, or both and upload documents. 

How to create a folder and add documents:

1. From the menu click on Go to Board Area 
2. Click on Documents 
3. Click on the New Root button
4. Type in a Name and Description and select who can view the documents
5. Click on the Create button once finished
6. To add a document, select the folder and click on the Click or drop new file here button
7. From your computer find and select the document to add to the folder

You can create multiple root and sub folders as necessary. To delete a folder simply select the folder to be deleted and click on the delete button above the folders. You are able to edit a folder once it is has been created to change the name, description, or change the view permissions.


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