How to Add an Event to the New Calendar Module

How to Add an Event to the New Calendar Module

This article will show you how to add an event on the Facility Reservation Calendar. In the new facility reservation system, there are two types of blocks:
  1. Reservations: for resident use, such as general clubhouse or tennis reservations. This information defaults to private.
  2. Community Events: social events for the community such as board meetings. Only admins can add a new community event. 

How to add a Community Event: 

  1. From the Welcome Drop Down Menu, select Site Admin
  2. In the first row of tabs, select Modules. In the below row(s) of tabs, select Calendar
  3. Click on the Community Events Tab and then click Add New Event

  4. Add the Name for the Community Event
  5. Select a Category
  6. Enter the Content for the Community Event; this is the description residents can view
  7. Select both the Start Time and End Time in the Event Time section
  8. Select the appropriate Location from the drop-down, this will auto-fill the Calendar drop-down
  9. Click the Advanced Settings tab

  10. Click the Recurrence check box if this is a recurring meeting then complete the Recurrence Settings
  11. Check Yes or No for Is Public Event; if a Community Event is public, it will appear on the Upcoming Events widget on the front page
  12. Click Insert

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