How to Make a Community's Portal Go-live

How to Make a Community's Portal Go-live

This article will show you how to make an individual community's portal go live. New associations and companies can be set to Go-Live at a future date or immediately. Go-Live allows owners to register on the ComWeb portal. When a new association syncs through a company’s accounting software, the Company Contact will receive a notification. Please ensure your Company Contact is configured correctly in the Company Settings

***TOPS Customers – please note only associations enabled for use by ComWeb can be set for Go-Live. You will need to enable ComWeb in TOPS in order to take a portal live.

Navigation > Login > Association Settings

How to Enable an Individual Association
  1. Click the pencil icon next to the appropriate association

  2. In the Portal Status Section select a Go Live Date
  3. Click Save Site Settings

  4. Review the Association Settings to ensure the new association is configured correctly
    a. If the Association Settings are not updated, the default company settings will only apply if Apply company settings to new associations is checked in the Company Settings section

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