How to Record and Send a Voice Broadcast

How to Record and Send a Voice Broadcast

This article will show ComWeb Signals Admins how to record and distribute a Voice Broadcast. ComWeb Signals will call you to record your Voice Broadcast Message via phone call; this process is similar to leaving a voicemail. The recorded Voice Broadcast Message will then automatically upload to ComWeb Signals where it can be sent to the selected distribution list.  

For helpful tips on Voice Broadcasts, please see our blog post 4 Tips for Using Voice Broadcasts in your Community .

**Please note, to record Voice Broadcasts via phone, the account must have at least 10 credits. The account is charged 1 credit per minute for the length of the recording. If the Voice Broadcast Message Recording is 1.5 minutes long, the account will be charged 2 credits. 

Navigation > Login > Messaging > Create

How to record and send a Voice Broadcast

  1. Select a Distribution List , a single Contact , or a list of Direct Recipients separated by a comma
  2. Select the Voice Broadcast tab in the Channels section and click the Active switch to enable Voice Broadcasts
  3. Click Record the voice message in the Message Source section
  4. Enter the phone number where you would like to record the voice broadcast in  Phone Number to Call Me
    ** Only direct telephone numbers with no extension may be used.
  5. Click Call Me , this will initiate a call fromComWeb Signals to the phone number entered in the previous step

  6. Follow the prompts to record your Voice Broadcast
    - Press 1 to start recording
    - Press 2 to stop recording
  7. Follow the prompts to review your recorded message
    - Press 1 to listen to the message again
    - Press 2 to save the message
    - Press 3 to delete the current message and record a new one
  8. The ComWeb Signals System will terminate the call once the recorded message is saved
  9. Navigate back to the ComWeb Signals Web Page and click Recording Complete,  the page will then display your message recording file

  10. Click the play button to review the recorded message one more time
  11. Click Send Now  or if you need to record a new message click  Delete to start over 

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