How to Send Emails/Eblasts to Members of your Community

How to Send Emails/Eblasts to Members of your Community

This article will cover steps to create an eblast communication. You must be logged in using an administrative account in order to perform these steps. 

Before an eblast can be sent, the following must be formatted

  1. Click on the Welcome Drop Down Menu.
  2. Select Communication from the drop down. You will land on the Manage Communications sub-tab within the administrative side of the website. 
  3. Click the +Create New Communication button.

  4. On the Properties tab...
    1. Select the Sender and Distribution List from the drop down menus. 
    2. Type in the Subject Line

  5. On the Content tab...
    1. Select your Template or Blank Page from the drop down and click the Use button
    2. Input your message and format as desired. Click here to learn how to properly insert images.
    3. Repeat for Header and Footer tabs

  6. Preview your email by clicking the Preview Communication button toward the bottom of the page. Test the links, check formatting, etc. 
  7. When you are satisfied with your email click the Send Communication button. This will open a pop-up window.
    1. You can send a test message to the email associated with your account by clicking the Send Test Email to your@email.ext button
    2. Click the Confirm Send Email button to blast the email to member of your selected distribution list. 

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