How to Update a Website's Menu

How to Update a Website's Menu

This article will show you how to edit your website’s menu and add new pages to the site. You can create a new menu group, create new pages under a menu group, insert a web link, or edit the name of any menu items. 


The Association's Website > Login > Welcome Drop-Down Menu >  Site Admin > Content Management > Manage Menu 

How to Change the Name of a Menu Item:  

  1. Right click the appropriate menu item under Current Menu Layout
  2. Click Rename... 
  3. Type the new menu item name and hit enter 
  4. Click Save and Publish 

How to Add a New Menu Group: 

A group is a top menu item. It functions as a drop down and allows users to select an option from below.  
  1. In the Additional Actions area, ensure the Add New Group tab is selected
  2. Enter the Menu Group Title 
  3. Click Create New Menu Group ; the new group will populate in the Non Assigned Pages section 
  4. Drag the New Group from the Non Assigned Pages section to the desired spot on the Current Menu Layout Section 
  5. Click Save and Publish 

How to Create a New Page:

  1. In the Additional Actions area, ensure the Create New Page tab is selected
  2. Enter the Page & Menu Title 
  3. Select a Category from the drop-down menu 
    a. The Category determines which group of users can see the page 
           - General Content: anyone can view the page 
           - Member Related: only members of the site can view the page 
           - Board Related: only assigned board members can view the page 
  4. Click the Viewable By drop down menu to select the appropriate audience for the page 
    a. Viewable By functions similarly to the Category , this section must also be updated based on the Category 
          - Public/Everyone (Anonymous Users): anyone can view the page 
          - Registered Users Only (Requires Logins): only users logged into the site can view the page 
          - Category Members (User must belong to this group): only assigned board and committee members can view the page 
  5. Click Create New Page; the new page will populate in the Non Assigned Pages section 
  6. Drag the New Page from the Non Assigned Pages section to the desired spot on the Current Menu Layout Section 
  7. Click Save and Publish 
  9. Click Return to Site 
  10. Use the menu to navigate to the new page 
  11. Click the Welcome drop-down menu and select Edit this Page 
  12. Use the Blank Page template and click Use 
  13. Fill in the page content and edit according to the Association’s needs 
  14. Click Publish Page 
A link can be either external or internal. Often, internal links are to an e-form (click here to learn how) or direct documents. **Note: Directly linked documents do NOT retain the view permissions of the folder.
  1. In the Additional Actions area, ensure the Insert Web Link tab is selected
  2. Enter in the desired name in Menu Title
  3. Enter the URL in the Web Link field 
  4. Ensure that your link is correct. There should never be http:// or http:// You may need to remove an instance of "http://"  from the beginning of the link if you copied and pasted. 
  5. If you would like your link to open in a new window, check the box for Open in New Window. This is recommended if you are linking a document or to an external site.
  6. Click Create New Link 

  7. Your new link will appear in the Non Assigned Pages area
  8. Drag your link to the Current Menu Layout  in the area you would like it to appear
  9. Click Save and Publish

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