How to Impersonate a Resident

How to Impersonate a Resident

You can impersonate a resident's account to see what they see. This is an extremely helpful feature when troubleshooting issues. 

  1. From the Administrator menu, select the Resident Support drop down menu
  2. Select Resident Search
  3. Choose the Association the resident belongs to from the drop down menu

  4. You can either find the user by utilizing the Search Box or finding the resident in the List 
  5. Click on the Resident's Record to expand
  6. Under the Registered text, select Impersonate User
  7. A new window will open up with you logged in as that user. You can explore their profile and see exactly what the resident sees here

  8. Once finished you can click Close in the upper right of your window or simply close the tab to return to the Administrator menu

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