Known Issue: Email Delays in Portal (2/2/22)

Known Issue: Email Delays in Portal (2/2/22)

We are aware of an issue causing delayed emails from Portal. This issue impacts resident invitations, password resets, and account confirmation emails. Our teams are engaged and working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Important: If a resident/community does not receive an email, please do not re-send the invitation. Any emails generated by the system will still be sent to the resident. Re-sending the invite will cause the resident to receive duplicate emails.


Portal Invitatio
: Residents can self-register by going to This will require the email address to be on the resident's profile in the accounting software. Once there, they will be prompted to create a password.

Confirmation Emails: Any resident impacted by delayed confirmation emails can be corrected by manual confirmation. A Portal Admin user can manually confirm a new registration by going to Resident Support > Resident Search > Select the Community > Search for the resident and click to expand options > click Confirm Registration.


2/3 8:00am- We are still seeing some delays in processing emails sent via Portal. The emails are being processed and residents will receive them within 2-4 hours. We expect to return to normal processing time frames later today.

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