Message Boards: Forum Moderation

Message Boards: Forum Moderation

Message Boards can be a great way for neighbors to communicate with each other but sometimes things can get out of control. This is where our Message Boards are truly unique allowing each forum to be individually marked for moderation. Moderation requires each post to be approved by someone assigned the moderator role in your community.

To Turn on moderation for a particular forum you must have Administration privileges. You can access the Message Board Administration area by clicking the "Admin" tab at the top of the message boards.

From the Admin Index, select "Forums under the Settings section and you will see a list of all of the Forums in your message boards. Click the Pencil and Paper Icon to the right of the Forum name to edit it's properties.

There are many options on this page that we deal with in other articles. For this discussion we will focus on the moderation options, the 11th item on this list. We have selected Pre-Moderated which expands the section further.

Here is a complete description of your options:

  • Pre-Moderated: If this box is selected, all posts in this forum will be sent to a separate moderation holding area. Someone who has Moderator authority (See Assigning User Roles in the Administrator Duties Manual) will have to log in to the website and approve this post before it will appear on the website. 
    Selecting this box will also open a Sub Option - New Topics or Replies.
  • Moderate Only New Topics: If this is selected, only the initial post will be held in the moderation area. Any subsequent replies to this post will immediately appear on the boards.
  • Moderate all Posts: After a User has posted a few times, moderators will "loosen the grip" a bit and allow that user to post freely to the boards. While never fool-proof, this option can sometimes stop thoughtless comments from reaching other users.
Finally, It is important to note that User who are consistently abusive or inappropriate can have their permissions revoked by the Message Board Admin. For more information, see the Board Admin guide under User Management.

You can get a copy of the Message Board Administrator Guide from our Support Site in the Documentation library under Site Admin Guides or by clicking here: ComWeb Message Board Admin Guide
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