Posting Messages on the Forums

Posting Messages on the Forums

Your Message Boards allow you to format messages and add images. This article will cover the proper way to post messages and how to include images.

The message board software has been upgraded to allow better formatting flexibility and the attachment of pictures and/or documents within the post. You can select text and click the buttons above the post to change text weight, size color, indentation etc. Here is a quick guide to the buttons:

To add an image or document to your post, you can upload it directly from your computer.
Use these steps:

1. Click the Paperclip Icon from the Message Board Tools. A small window will dropdown

2. Select Upload New Files button.

3. You will not see the actual files here but a line of code telling the Boards where your files are.
You can click Preview below to see what the board has uploaded.

4. Click Post to submit your message to the Board.
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