AP Invoicing for TOPS Customers

AP Invoicing for TOPS Customers

This article will show you how to set up AP Invoicing for your ComWeb website(s). Enabling this new feature will require some initial setup, but once this is completed, you will be able to create AP Invoices for board approval, allow designated board members to approve these invoices, and receive a notification once this is complete, all from within your ComWeb Website!  Please note that this feature and instructions are only intended for communities that use TOPS.

Enabling the Invoice Module for a Specific Community

Your Company’s  aroundTOWN   >  Welcome Drop Down   Site Admin  Customer Site Config  Site Management  >  Configure Sites   
  1. Click the edit pencil next to the site which needs AP Invoicing enabled  

  2. Click on the  Features  tab  

  1. Check the box next to  Enable Invoice Module    

  1. Click  Save Settings  


Configure Invoice Settings For the Community

Your Association’s Website  Welcome  Site Admin  Modules   >   Invoice   >   Settings  

  1. Enter  the  Required number of approver( s)   

  1. Enter the  Default payment terms in days  (if set to 0, invoice will auto-approve)    

  2. Enter the  Custom Invoice Description    

  3. Enter the desired  Email Address  to receive notifications and click  Add  

  4. These are  the email(s) that will receive notification once an invoice is fully approved. You can remove emails by selecting the email  from the  Notification Distributions   and clicking the  x button    

  5. Click  Save Changes    

Assigning Permissions to the Board 

Your Association’s Website > Welcome > My Board Area > Manage the Board Members > Board Positions > Manage Group Assignments    
  1. Click the edit pencil next to the appropriate Board Member’s name  

  1. Check the box labeled  Invoice Approver.  When an Invoice is created, we notify the Board Members that have “Invoice Approver” that an Invoice needs approval.  

  1. Click  Save Settings  

Giving the Board Access to View AP Invoices Form My Board Area

Your Association’s Website > Welcome > Site Admin > Site Configuration > Area Settings 
  1. In the section for Board Area Settings, Check the box next to  Show Invoicing (AP)  

  1. Click  Save Settings  

Creating an Invoice

Your Association’s Website  Welcome  Site Admin  Modules  Invoice  
  1. 1) Click  + Add New Item  

  1. 2) Select a  Vendor  from the drop-down menu or start typing to add a new vendor  

  1. 3) Enter the  Invoice Number  

  1. 4) Enter the  PO Number  

  1. 5) Select the appropriate  Bank  from the drop-down menu  

  1. This is pulled from your accounting software. Please select the Bank for the account that the payment should be drawn from.   

  1. This is purely for tracking and the  ComWeb  system will not perform any actions based on this information such as cutting checks.   

  1. 6) Select the correct  Invoice Date  by clicking on the calendar icon  next to that section (date the invoice was received)   

  1. This is  the date on the invoice that they received that they are putting into the system  

  1. 7) Select the correct  Effective Date  by clicking on the calendar icon next to that section  

  1. This is the day the invoice is  effective.  You may potentially get invoices that aren’t ready to be paid yet because they aren’t effective for 3 months.   

  1. 8) Select the correct  Due Date  by clicking on the calendar icon next to that section  

  1. 9) Enter the  Amount  

  1. 10) If available, add documents pertaining to the invoice by clicking  Select  to find the document on your computer  

  1. 11) Click the Inset Button. 

Ending Notes

Congratulations! Your invoice is now created.   

All board members who are configured as Invoice Approves from Part 3 will now receive a notification that a new invoice was created and is awaiting their approval.


Board Members can then go to the community website and click on  Welcome >  My Board Area >  Invoices (Accounts Payable) to approve the invoice.  

Once the invoice is approved, those email(s) indicated from Part 2 will receive notification that the invoice is approved,  and a check can be cut.     

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