Webmaster Support Services - What is Included?

Webmaster Support Services - What is Included?

Webmaster Support Services (WSS)

ComWeb Internet Solutions strives to ensure our websites are easy to use for both site admins and residents. However, we understand not everyone feels comfortable working with specialized software or has the time to maintain a website. Board-designated site admins are volunteers who generously donate their time for the betterment of their neighborhoods and Community Association Managers have a wide range of tasks and emergencies to undertake on a daily basis. In an effort to ease website administration, ComWeb offers Webmaster Support Services. This allows ComWeb to maintain the association’s website on behalf of the board and association manager. 

Once a Community Association website has completed set-up and goes live, ComWeb no longer has the authority to modify or add content to the site. Our support team is happy to provide instructions on admin functions on the website, but ultimately, the association manager or the board-designated site admin are the webmaster. 

Webmaster Support Services incurs a monthly fee of $75 for a minimum of three (3) months and can be cancelled at any point after the three (3) month timeframe. 

Alternatively, ComWeb's Webmaster services can be contracted out ad-hoc, at $75 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments. 

Webmaster Support Services includes the following:
  • Updating page information or creating new pages
  • Uploading documents (documents must be provided in MS Word or PDF format)
  • Sending e-blasts (email content must be provided)
  • Maintaining events calendar
  • Processing pending members
  • Posting and updating Announcements
If you need a great deal of assistance for more than three (3) months at a time, ComWeb suggests signing up for WSS.

** Only the contract holder can authorize this charge.
** Board members cannot authorize this charge unless they are the contract holder.
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